What is Discipleship?

A great way to understand discipleship is like an apprenticeship. Not only are you educating yourself on what Jesus says, but by obeying Jesus' words and practicing what He modeled, we become more and more like Jesus.
It's not a sprint. Being changed by Jesus takes time and a daily choice to die to ourselves. It also takes walking with others as we grow. We both are mentored by others, and mentor others along the way. Much like the wheat, that Jesus so often referenced, we must grow into mature disciple-making disciples.


We worship and obey Jesus as King. We recognize our self-destructive way isn't working (repentance), trust God in Jesus is the only way (believe), and obey how Jesus teaches us to live (follow).


By discovering who Jesus is in the Gospels, we learn how to become more and more like Jesus.


The more we become like Jesus, we naturally join Jesus in the work He is already doing in rescuing others.

What is a Discipleship Group?

Our Discipleship Groups (or D-Groups) are a great way to go much deeper in your relationship with Jesus with a small group of people. In groups of 3, you’ll walk through the gospel of Mark for 16 weeks and learn not only how to be a disciple, but a disciple-maker. These groups focus on deep relationships that challenge the way we engage the gospel, and focus on learning how to obey the words of Jesus.


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