Join a Connection Group

Connecting People to God and Each other

1 person @ a time

While our main celebration service is on Sunday Mornings, our Connection Groups (small groups) are meeting during the evenings on specific weekdays to hang out and spend time connecting with God!  If you are looking to get connected, please be sure to contact us – we would love to help you get in a group!

Connection groups have one specific purpose – to create an environment where transformative, meaningful relationships flourish!

How do I get into a Connection Group?

While you can join a Connection Group at any time.  We have a specific rhythm to when our Connection Groups start and take breaks.  Every September, January, and May, we take a short break and launch new groups and ask every single person in the church to sign up for a group.  This is a great chance to stick with the group you’ve been in and to continue to develop relationships or to try out a new group and get involved in a different group that sparks your interest.  We find this rhythm works really well with the busy seasons of our lives and the natural rhythm of the school year.  Be sure to Join .US on Sunday’s to get signed up to join a Connection Group!

We have specifically chosen to have our Connection Groups occur on Weeknights and in the homes of individuals in our church to create an environment that is smaller and geared more towards relationships. We know that it’s hard to make the first step to go to someones house that you are not familiar with, but we also believe that the church will never be effective if we aren’t intentional about getting smaller. That’s why the environment matters!

At Epic Church, we never stop at simply being a social club – we are in this for life change!  This means that all of our Connection Groups at our church will have a specific element that leans towards helping us become transformed into Christ-like individuals.  We believe that your life, family, finances, health, and general well being will be better by being in relationships that focus on a transformative experience!


The people you are in relationship matter.  They will influence the decisions you make, the way you raise your kids, how you connect with God and so much more.  That’s why meaningful relationships are so important to us.  We long for you to have those friends that you can call in the midst of life’s greatest joys and the most devastating tragedy.  And we believe that the Church should be on the forefront of helping to develop those relationships.

Connecting People to God, 1 Person @ a Time!

It is a simple fact that we were not created to do life alone.  Relationships are hard, parenting is hard, being single is hard, life is hard…  but having people that care about you and will walk through the difficult times as well as the good times, can literally make all the difference.  One of the things Epic Church in Wichita, KS is committed to is practicing connecting with each other so we can care for each other.  That’s why groups matter so much in church