How you can partner


More than anything else we need your prayers to help make all of this possible. Please pray for the details to get handled, but more importantly that God is glorified in our use of this space. Pray for the people who will join us as a result of this move!


With our new space there will be all sorts of new ways to use your talents and gifts to worship God and bless others. Whether it's helping with the move, canvassing the area, using a hammer, or playing a part in our worship service, there are no shortage of ways you can build the kingdom!

There are all kinds of items that help make a house a home, many of them you might already have an extra of! Check out a list of these items to see what you could bring when we move into our facility here! Or donate to our "Housewarming" Fund here!

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity our people have already demonstrated in supporting Epic as we move. As God moves you, consider giving a donation to help us not only "warm our house" but be good neighbors! Donate to our "Future" Fund here!