Who we are...

Because of everything Jesus has done for us, we aren't only convicted about what we do, but who we are called to be. There are a number of values that help shape our character and how we follow Jesus based on what we see Jesus Himself did on earth. These values serve our mission as we love each other, lover our community, and make disciples who make disciples.

Our Values

Keep it real

We strive for authenticity in everything we do. From unscripted messages, to no dress code policy, as well as the genuine relationships we seek to make with each person.

Make it personal

While we believe Jesus is the only way, we don't believe everyone's journey is the same. We offer personalized discipleship to every individual.

Get connected

It's all about who you know. We know over 70% of people come to Christ through family and friends. Connecting people together in the church and throughout our community is at the heart of our church.

Everyone Welcome

So many people don't join a church because they don't feel welcome or see others who look like them. We accept and acknowledge every person who walks through our doors with open arms.

plant Roots

We don't want anyone to feel like Epic Church is a place they go to only on Sundays. This is a family that anyone can belong to.

serve our city

We don't want to be just another Wichita church with only a physical presence. We take pride in addressing local and community issues with Christ-centered solutions that go beyond our walls.