*Connecting People to God & each other, 1 Person @ a Time!

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

You will find that at Epic we are a weird conglomeration of living life and having fun while at the same time being very serious about why we are here and what we are trying to accomplish.  Below you will find an outline of what we believe those things to be.  We would love to have you and your family join .US as we continue to try and accomplish our mission!

Our Mission:

Connecting people to God, one person at a time! (Matthew 22:37-40, Mark 12:29-31, Luke 10:25-27)

Our Vision:

We want to make Jesus’ famous in the hearts and minds of people in Wichita, Kansas (KS), and beyond.

Click on any of the below buttons to read about our 3 fold strategy for accomplishing this vision in Wichita and beyond:

Person 2 Person
Church 2 Community
Plant 2 Change the World
Our Values:

Think of these as the code we live by – these things are less what we aspire to be and more who we are at our core!  If you identify with them, then maybe you’re Epic!

  1. We believe failure is the soil of success
  2. We will always be working on “it”
  3. We’ll do whatever it takes, short of sin, to see people know Jesus!
  4. We believe that how you end matters more than how you began
  5. We stick our neck out for others, not because it makes sense, but because we know LOVE!
  6. Church is not FOR us, we are the church and we exist for the world
  7. We love to laugh, love to live, and live to love
  8. We don’t fake it – we are not arrived but arriving
  9. We “go” when others would wait for someone else to come
  10. We have an indomitable spirit – where God leads, we WILL follow
Being a 3C Christ Follower:Our Long-Term Strategy:Organizational Principles:

Part of connecting to God is learning how to become a Christ Follower.  We have 3 simple, practical ways we accomplish this in our day to day lives, we call them the 3c’s!

  1. Celebrate (God’s goodness in our lives)
  2. Connect (engage in biblical community – Join .US in a Connection Groups)
  3. Contribute (our time, talents and treasures to help others connect to God – ie. contributing in the children’s ministry on Sunday mornings.)

(We expect every Christ follower at Epic Church, in Wichita, KS to embody these three essentials to connecting with God in greater and greater depth)

To hub and spoke church plants where churches are needed! (Acts 1:8, Acts 13:1-3)

(think tinker-toys. A “hub church” spokes out a new church which becomes it’s own entity and partners with the original hub to plant another church in Wichita, Kansas, and beyond)

  1. Simple (everything we do MUST be transmittable to a new church plant, which means it must be simple for it to work in the chaos of a new organization. ie. at Epic Church, we focus on Sunday mornings for kids right now (as a smaller church) instead of trying to have Sunday and Wednesday – this better honors those who contribute their time and allows us to focus on providing the best possible environment for our children!)
  2. Reproducible (If we are going to plant more churches, then everything we do at Epic must be designed with the idea that it is reproducible)
  3. Biblically Responsible (there is nothing more important to us than honoring God, you can bet your bottom dollar that we are going to be seeking the best way to do ministry in Wichita, KS to those who are disconnected from God, but we will never do this at the cost of misrepresenting God or His word)

(Everything we do as an organization must live up to these three standards – they are designed to ensure that we will be able to create an organization that can achieve the goal of planting more churches.)

Watch Before You Come

Watching one of our video's is super easy, simply click on the image above the text to watch! Check out our latest message and catch the vision for a church in Wichita, KS that connects people to God, 1 person @ a time!

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