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Fish Stories (7/26/15) SERIES: Jonah

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People often miss the story of Jonah. They think it’s about Jonah and his enemies the Ninevites. But really it’s about the enemy within Jonah. Today we learn that loving our enemies starts by dealing with the enemy within ourselves.

Concubines? (10/26/14) SERIES: Frequently Avoided Questions

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People say marriage is between a man and a woman, but what about all those guys in the Bible who had concubines? Today we try to figure it out and understand the way we are supposed to look at women and the elderly.

Homosexuality (10/12/14) SERIES: Frequently Avoided Questions

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People have a lot of questions. They wonder about God, the bible, heaven & hell. There are no shortage of questions – but the answers are hard to come by. Today we begin to explore the questions that are out there and try to answer the questions everyone has, but no one wants to talk about.

You Have to See It (4/27/14) SERIES: The It factor

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People spend most of their lives wandering aimlessly without any vision for what they want to accomplish. But in order to find “it” we have to see “it.”

God Stuff

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On our trip to Wichita last week we had two cool things happen.

The first:
Friday night I received an email from a pastor in California named Rusty George.  Rusty has heard that we are planting a church in Andover and is really excited about it.  He grew up in Andover knows the need from all the growth in that area.  Rusty has offered to help us in whatever way he can!  I’m excited to see how this relationship with Rusty might grow into something really cool!

The second:
Saturday morning my parents came down to visit Jenni, Peter and me.  We had a really good time together and it was good to see them.  We went to Ihop to eat before going to Greater Andover Days.  Our waitress was really nice.  We started talking with her about kids and how great they are.  … Read More »

Chill – finding a liveable pace at Christmas

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Our December message series is “Chill”, I’m excited about trying to help people find some margin in their life at the Holidays. It seems like our lives are already busy, basketball practice to drop kids off at, games to go to, meetings for work that run late, Doctors appointments, homework, finals, and a million other things that occupy our attention. The problem is, if you are trying to follow Jesus but all of your time is consumed by other things – it’s easy to forget and leave behind God. This Christmas, that’s all changing!

A Few Follow Up Tips From Sunday

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Yesterday we talked about how to get right side up with our finances. I laid out a simple strategy of Deciding to do away with debt, Starting to specifically set aside savings, and to Purposefully plan.
I have a few side notes that I want to leave with you – just a couple of tips.

1. When you begin to pay off credit cards or loans you will pay them off much faster if you begin with smaller ones and focus your excess income on paying just one credit card or loan off first. Jenni and I did this and as we would pay one off, we would transfer the money we were already used to paying on that credit card to the next – it was like a snowball effect.

2. Get rid of services you don’t need. … Read More »

Garage Sale Fun

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Jenni and I are having a garage sale today and tomorrow (if you need any little boy clothes from newborn to 4T – don’t look anywhere else). Anyway, it makes me think of all the stuff in my life that is just junking it up and how badly I need a good spring (or fall) cleaning. Pastors have just as many issues as normal people, we are just good at hiding them! Hah. My hope is to not hide but to expose and to clean house. I want to know Christ better than I do, I want to get rid of my anger and hurtful attitudes. I want to really follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

PS – if you want to stop by and see Jenni and I we would love to have some visitors, here’s the … Read More »

Jenni's B-Day!!!

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In life I generally have an unlucky streak. If I was walking down a hill and a group of people were watching me, I would inevitably sprain my ankle. I learned to use this unlucky streak to my advantage in life, if in a doctors office and the wait was getting to long, I would pick up a magazine, begin reading and find that the moment I became truly interested, I would be called to the window (that’s a long sentence).

Well, I have been lucky once in my life, and that was the day Jenni (at the time) Fitzgerald said yes to marry me! She is so perfect for me and I am so proud to be her husband and to stand beside her!

I love you Jenni, happy birthday baby!

PS – Jenni loves chocolate (you should shower … Read More »

Tailgate Party

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Yesterday after church we had a tailgate party and it was an absolute blast! I love the people at Epic! Man, it’s so fun getting to watch God bring all the right people on board to make a difference in this city!!!

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