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What would it look like?

Posted on September 19th, by epic in Epic Church. 1 Comment

Just wondering what it would look like if churches stopped trying to be “found” and started finding people? I think it would take individuals engaging the mission of connecting people to God, one person at a time. And it would take the church offering opportunities for us to go out and live out that mission as a community – doing the “finding” together as a team!

That’s the kind of church I want to be involved in! That’s the kind of church I long for Epic to be!

Question: Are we there yet? What could we do to get there?

Busy Bee

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Lately I have been busy, I mean really busy. I have had more on my plate than I even care to articulate. It hasn’t been bad, I enjoy having a lot to do. What I have found though, is that the tyranny of the urgent can cause you to loose site of the fundamentals. For me and my position, the fundamentals are taking time to be with people, building relationships, sending people notes, and so much more. It’s hard to make room for those relationship building mechanisms when your whole life is consumed with planning missions trips, planning events, marketing, nailing down a final location, etc., etc.
I believe this is where determined leadership comes in. I can’t forget that I am called to reach people, not to plan events. I am called to … Read More »

Upcoming Missions Trips

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All week long I am preparing for our missions groups that are coming into town next week. I am really looking forward to all that they are going to do and how they will impact the community! If you read my blog, I would love to have you join with me in prayer that these groups could make a big splash in the community!


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I can’t tell you how nice it is to be in a house again! Jenni and I have been moving around for the last 2 years like vagabonds, living in small, cramped, dark places as we prepared to move to Andover to plant Epic. It has all been worth it, but now that we are in the house, it sure is nice!

I think the thing I like the most is that there is room, there is margin. Everything in the house is not right on top of you all the time. You can walk around without having to dodge boxes or tables! I love it!

I think margin is something we all need in our lives. We need it at work, at home, in our families, and in our relationship with God. Jesus practiced … Read More »

Podcasts are fixed!

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I don’t know if you have tried listening to one of our sermons, but I have not been able to get them to work exactly right.  There was an error I couldn’t fix so I just went around it.  The solution was not very effective.

Anyway, now you can listen to the sermons right from the page or pop them out to listen to them that way.  Here are th links in case you get bored:

Making Change
Less Message More Mission
Bringing Christmas Back

The Fundraising Struggle

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It is not an easy thing to raise money.  Hah, I know this revelation probably finds you with your mouth wide open and scratching your head, but it’s true.  Raising money is a hard thing to do, especially when the only thing you have to offer is a vision of what the future will look like.  At the end of the day, what people are investing in is you, not the idea.  Sure, they love the idea – or else they wouldn’t even consider it – but at the end of the day you are the one who has to execute the vision.

I have been blessed by so many friends, family and organizations who have placed their trust in Jenni and I and our ability to follow God as He unfolds His work in Andover.  I realize that the … Read More »

Rock Andover Goes Patriotic

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So, as you may have read, we started a missions portal for churches to come serve with us at Epic Church.  Today I created this flyer to give to youth ministers at a conference I’m going to.  Let me know what you think!

Rock Andover.com

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Rock Andover.com is our new church missions portal for Epic Church.  We want to provide world class missions opportunities for churches and youth groups to experience the power of culturally relevant evangelism and community service!

We believe that we can completely and eternally alter Andover through these trips!  I can’t wait to see how God uses Rock Andover.com!!!

The quick post

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I just returned from Joplin and it’s crazy late.

I am excited about the things God is doing!  I had a great meeting today with Robin Sigars, Drew Ashwell, Kevin & Courtney (potential staff) and the 4 State Men’s Group.  I have been meeting like crazy the last 4 days and it really all seems like a blur,  but the one constant in all the meetings has been just how much God is in what we are doing. Tonight while presenting to the 4 State Men’s Group I found out that one of the gentlemen there was from Derby and had pastored a church there.  Fifteen years ago he was commissioned to study Andover for a possible church plant and felt like there needed to be one there.  The group he was with ended up choosing to plant somewhere else but … Read More »

Yesterday meet Today + Tomorrow and then some…

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So, I am currently on another Wichita trip that is chocked full of meetings with Pastors and Community leaders.  Yesterday I met with pastors from East-side Community Church (great guys – know what they are talking about, can’t wait to learn from them), Riverlawn (Jeff Isaacs has been nothing but supportive – he is a real asset to the community), Northwest Christian Church (Rodger Thompson and I had a good time eating and sharing what God has been doing in our ministries, I’m excited to see where that partnership takes us), Westlink (Todd is just a great leader, I know the guy is incredibly busy but he still takes time to meet with me and ask great questions.).

I also had the opportunity to talk with the Director of the Andover Senior Citizen’s Club about ways that Epic Church can serve … Read More »

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