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Children & Family Ministry

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Just got off the phone with a really good friend, we were chatting about children's ministry in churches. God is really doing something with us at Epic that I think is going to be different than what any other church is doing! As we talked, he's a leader in the area of children's ministry, it just got me fired up for what God could do if a church really started to think creatively and differently about their children's ministry! I love Jesus leading our church! It's scary and exciting all at the same time! I do know, nothing is going to be the same with Epic or the people of Epic as we turn our ministry and lives over to the one who is the greatest leader of all! Let's make a difference in someones life today, and let's start … Read More »

Children's Ministry

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We have been getting all things ready for our children’s ministry at Epic, and I have to tell you, I’m excited! God has brought the right people on board with us, and I think we are going to have a world class experience for your kids!

Blow Ups!

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So, Epic has a moon bounce!!! How cool is that! Not only did we purchase a moon bounce, but I was talking with a leader in our community that I have really grown to admire and learn from, and she said she has an inflatable game that she doesn’t use and was wondering if she could donate it to the church!!! I’m really excited about it, God is going to use these two things for some great ministry on the east side of Wichita and Andover! Starting with our Father’s Day event!!!


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When I was young and first in ministry it was not uncommon for me to pull all nighter’s getting ready for an event or just planning out activities.  As I’ve gotten older, married, and a baby, I have had to learn about balance.  I still don’t think I have it all together (I’m blogging at 9pm while Jenni’s in the bathroom) but I’m getting better.

I think I had a better grasp on balance in my life and ministry before we left to church plant.  There are so many pressing issues in church planting and so many people to meet that it can be all encompassing.  Luckily, I have a wife that reminds me that my first responsibility is to God, her and little Peter.  It is God’s responsibility to build the church (at least that’s what Jesus said), it … Read More »

Epic's website is up and other stuff

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You can now check out the new website at www.epicchurch.us!  We are really excited about the new look for visitors from Andover.  Please be praying for the events listed on the website and for our upcoming opportunity to work with people in Andover at the Hometown Christmas Chili Cook-off that the chamber of commerce in Andover is putting on.

Be praying that we will get an opportunity to talk with peole one on one and that we would make the most of ever opportunity.

Also, be praying for Chad, our new youth minister at BCC, I’m really excited to see what God does through his ministry.  He and I are going to take kids out to eat this Wed. and then at youth group we are introducing him to the whole group.  I think he is officially moving the same day Jenni … Read More »


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Last night I lead a discussion with our ministry team leaders at BCC.  We looked at what it means to have clarity in our process of making disciples.  We talked about the need for people to know exactly what they are getting into and what we expect of them.  It’s funny, none of us would buy a car or a house without doing due diligence, but often times in churches we expect people to just buy into ideas like “You need to accept Christ” or “We need people to serve in X” and never clarify what it is that we are exactly asking of them.

I recently talked to a student about their decision to follow Christ, when I asked them if they understood what they were committing to, they said not really.  I explained it and afterward they were like, … Read More »

Epic Church and Families

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One thing we love at Epic Church is families!  We want to see families succeed!

Our philosophy is that church doesn’t have to be a place where families have to be separated.  We are striving to create a worship environment that is appealing to children and adults alike.  We believe that kids can serve and be a part of the church now!

I will be discussing our philosophy in the next few days – a look at how integral families are going to be to the ministry of Epic Church!

mini missions to derby

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We just got back this weekend from our youth groups mini missions trip to Derby.  The trip was really a blast!  Our kids had a great time serving Aviator Church and the communities of Derby and Mulvane.

I was reminded on this trip how integral prayer is in the life and ministry of a church.  God is so often just waiting to do amazing things in our lives if we would simply open ourselves up to HIm in prayer.  I know my prayer lately has been that God would burn the impurities out of my life and would make me a vessel of His grace through the gospel.

I can’t wait for our next missions trip – I can’t wait to see what God does on it!

Missions Ministry

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Last night Jenni and I met with the Missions Ministry of Bible Christian Church.  It was a really good meeting.  I love getting to share the vision of Epic Church!  There is something in me that says I was born for this!  I am sold that we will stand/fight/and die on the field of reaching people who are disconnected from God in KC!  It is fun to get to see others start to get excited about that same thing!

So, if any of the Missions Ministry Team is reading this:  Thank you so much for the opportunity to share with you our plan, purpose and passion and we can’t wait to see how we can team up to reach people!

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Posted on July 11th, by epic in Church Planting. 3 comments

Perhaps the scariest part about planting a church is not the question of where or how.  You know, “where will the money come from?” or “how will we find the people who need to know God?”  The scariest part is sitting in complete faith that God has all of that lined out.  You see, I’m a bit persistent (Jenni would call it obsessive compulsive) when it comes to needing to know how and where.  I spin my wheels trying to “make” something happen.  I will spend hours, days, weeks and months making plans and gutting ideas.  I want to know now!

But God does not work like that.  He is not some crazy haired scientist who is bouncing back and forth throwing things around that are not yet ready to be moved.  God is a gentleman.  He does things perfectly and … Read More »

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