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Decoding Epic, the 10 Key’s to our DNA – #7

Posted on April 12th, by Kent Wagner in Epic Church. No Comments

#7: We love to laugh, love to live, and live to love

You don’t have to be around Epic Church in Wichita very long to learn that we love to live life! We have a passion for it, we have fun on stage and with one another. Jesus said in John 10:10 that He came to give us life, the kind of life that is to the full – we think that’s pretty stinkin’ amazing and we want every part of what Jesus is offering! Not only do we want it for us, we want it for you! We want everyone we meet to know the love of God, this is an integral part of how we connect people to God, 1 person @ a time!

Decoding Epic, the 10 Key’s to our DNA – #6

Posted on April 5th, by Kent Wagner in Epic Church. No Comments

#6: Church is not FOR us, we are the church and we exist for the world!

The other day, I picked up this can of apple juice my wife had sitting on the counter, cracked it open and poured it over some ice. I was ready to sit back and relax, I took one drink of that apple juice and just about jumped out of my seat. It was the worst, sourest tasting thing I have ever drank. I did what every guy does, I kept drinking – I figured that I had opened it, and it was my job to finish it. Finally about half way through my drink, my wonderful wife yelled downstairs and asked me if I had done something with the apple juice concentrate from the can that was sitting on … Read More »

Join Epic Church!

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Epic Church meets on Sunday Mornings at 10:30am at Morningstar Church (11010 E. Kellogg Dr. S., Wichita, KS) and we would love to have you  Join .US!!!  Finding out more information is as simple as contacting us, our Lead Pastor David would love to sit down with you and share the vision!  We can’t wait to see you there!

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Decoding Epic, the 10 Key’s to our DNA – #5

Posted on March 21st, by Kent Wagner in The Church. No Comments

#5: We stick our neck out for others, not because it makes sense, but because we know LOVE!

At Epic Church we are very aware that there are times when you have to stick your neck out for others and it just doesn’t make “good sense”. It’s not cost effective, it takes too much time, it’s too great of an investment, it’s not fair because you can’t do it for everyone in the same situation. These are all great excuses, but we are not the kind of people who are going to let excuses get in the way of caring for other people. Honestly, when you think about it, what Jesus did for us on the cross doesn’t make sense from His perspective. He doesn’t get anything out of it except a whole lot of pain and … Read More »

How to Deal with Conflict

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Let me ask you a question, how do you deal with a situation where you feel like someone is doing wrong, or acting in a way that poorly reflects their communicated intentions? Most of us perceive this situation to be fraught with conflict, and most of us would be right… My guess is, most of us tend to try avoid actually dealing with the source of the conflict and work around it. Think about being at a restaurant and having your food order messed up, it is easier to express the mess up to a manager than it is to actually talk to you wait staff before escalating the issue. It is easier in at work to discuss another coworkers misgivings than to approach the coworker. I believe that the way Christians deal with conflict, … Read More »

Black Friday Hot Cocoa Extravaganza!!!

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On Black Friday (really it was still Thursday – Thanksgiving) 9 Epic Churchers loaded up 4 Got Coolers with piping hot hot cocoa and roved around the city of Wichita to show a little bit of the love of Christ in a practical way…  Jesus said something about giving a cup of water to someone in His name, didn’t He?  It really was an awesome time!  We handed out over 700 cups of hot cocoa and got to surprise a bunch of people.  It was really fun to tell people who wondered, “how much?” that it was free!  I love our church and am so excited about the way God is moving in the hearts and minds of His people.  Even though we are existing in a uncertain time as a church, we are certainly certain of our mission as … Read More »

Why the 3c’s

Posted on November 6th, by Kent Wagner in The Church. No Comments

I’ve been thinking about you, yes, you…  What makes you tick?  Why has God brought you to Epic Church in Wichita, KS?  How can our church be the best church FOR you?  I’ll tell you, the first thing that comes to mind is trying to help YOU connect with God!  I love watching as people come to know the grace of God, the amazing, fulfilling, all consuming grace!

But once someone has been connected, what’s next?  At Epic, the next step for YOU, is for you to Join .US in being a 3C Christ Follower.  The 3C’s are simple.  Celebrate God, Connect with others, and Contribute your time – talents – and treasures.  Why these three?  Because these three values will lead our church into an ever deepening relationship with Jesus – they will produce a spiritual velocity in you that will … Read More »

Modern Parenting – SERIES: Modern Family (5/20/2012)

Posted on May 20th, by dhamilton in Listen, The Church. No Comments

One of the toughest things anyone will ever undertake is the job of parenting. This week(5/20/2012) Kent delves into the place of love in parenting when it comes to rules and relationships. This message will challenge and inspire you to be the best parent you can be!!!

If you have been encouraged by Kent’s messages, we would encourage you to join Epic in helping people connect to God one person at a time by partnering with us through an online contribution!

God Love us? I Doubt It (the notes for the sermon today)

Posted on April 15th, by epic in Epic Church. No Comments

Today at Church we took time to pray for the tornado victims so we didn’t have time to go through the fill in the blanks at church.  I promised I would put them on the internet today, so, here they are:

The whole premis of my sermon was that if God is love, then why do so many bad things happen to people.  This concept has been called “the problem of pain”.  Here is the…

If God is love, why does he let pain and suffering exist in our world? 
-Pain is like some kind of giant uncontrollable wildfire – God is the one who has the ability to fight this fire.  So, why doesn’t He?  This is the question we have to ask and deal with…

1.  God didn’t start this fire…

Romans 5:12
12 Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and … Read More »

Our Part in the Story – SERIES: God With Us (12/04/2011)

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We are all called to join God in His mission! This week (12/04/2011), Kent steps off the stage and talks to us in a conversational style to challenge Epic to move beyond simply coming to church for the show and starting to actually show love. This message is challenging, so be prepared for have the bar raised!

If you have been encouraged by Kent’s messages, we would encourage you to join Epic in helping people connect to God one person at a time by partnering with us through an online contribution!

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