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Great Day

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Today I attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit and am getting some really good insight.
This evening we had our first training session for our volunteers and it went great! I can’t tell you how excited I am about the people God has brought on board to serve at Epic!
To top off the day I just spent time with Jenni reading Peter a story out of the bible and praying with him. He’s so funny and getting a great personality. I’m not sure if parenting is supposed to be like this, but I just wanted to keep him up way past his bed time and play with him, I don’t want to miss a minute of him!
(personal mushy gushy note to wife below, don’t read if you get squeamish from those kinds of things.)
Love you Jenni! You’re … Read More »

What a Morning

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This morning I had a meeting via the phone at 8am. Then I had to rush over to the library to drop off our moon bounce for our event at 11am. I then ran over to Central Christian Church (while lugging our trailer around) to meet with some of the leadership there about the possibility of a partnership (which they are ready to go forward with – this is great news). I hen rushed out of that meeting back to the Andover library just in time to see the first kid jump in our moon bounce. After we wrapped up there I ran out to a lunch meeting and am now finally at home. Ahhh… Busy, busy. Any one want to mow my lawn… That will just have to wait.
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Busy Bee

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Lately I have been busy, I mean really busy. I have had more on my plate than I even care to articulate. It hasn’t been bad, I enjoy having a lot to do. What I have found though, is that the tyranny of the urgent can cause you to loose site of the fundamentals. For me and my position, the fundamentals are taking time to be with people, building relationships, sending people notes, and so much more. It’s hard to make room for those relationship building mechanisms when your whole life is consumed with planning missions trips, planning events, marketing, nailing down a final location, etc., etc.
I believe this is where determined leadership comes in. I can’t forget that I am called to reach people, not to plan events. I am called to … Read More »

The Little Things

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Lately I have been thinking about the little things and how much they matter.  My personality tends to be all about the BIG THINGS.  Big things matter and are important, but I am finding more and more that without the little things, big things fall short.  Paul has been convicting me of this.  I’ve been reading 1 & 2 Timothy over and over again recently (felt a need to learn from the master pastor on what I should be as a spiritual leader).  Much of what Paul says to Timothy is about the day to day dreary spiritual disciplines that a pastor must attend to.  The honest truth for me, is that it is much easier to be in front of a crowd working my magic than to attend to little matters of integrity, faithfulness, relationship, etc.  It’s much easier … Read More »

Favor Unmerited

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I just returned home from a long day. Eight hours of travel mixed with about Eight hours of encouraging contacts with some wonderful leaders in Wichita. I have to say I am encouraged about what God is doing in Wichita through the men that I met today and their leadership in their churches and community. They have such a heart for the Kingdom!

I can’t wait to hit the ground in Andover and begin infusing the gospel with acts of service!  For those of you who were praying for today, thanks!  I left Wichita today feeling very encouraged that God is definitely up to something through Epic Church!

FWD: This is a God thing

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From time to time I like to forward blog posts.  I read this on Joe Boyd Live.com and thought I would share it.  It has been a blast to see what God is doing through Aviator Church and to have had the privilege of working alongside them on our missions trips!  Please take some time to pray for what God is doing in Derby!


Today we had our second preview service for Aviator Church and I am simply amazed to see how God is moving greatly in our community.  It is hard to believe that Michelle, my wife, and I moved here to start this church in January this year and now we part of a growing church where we get to see God transform lives everyday.  We have been part of several dynamic churches, but I have never seen God … Read More »

Leadership Lessons from a Kitchen Nightmare

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Jenni and I have been watching the show, Kitchen Nightmares with the acclaimed Gordon Ramsey.  I love the show!  I love the drama and the intensity.  I love seeing something that is failing get turned around.  But perhaps the thing I love most are the leadership lessons.  Here are a few insights I have gained from the two episodes I have watched:

Success is measured by results and it is easy to fool yourself and measure it by some other standard.
Complexity leads to confusion, simplicity leads to clarity.  What is confusing will never be successful.
Don’t waste your time being mediocre at everything when you could be the best in the world at one thing.
You can have a good product but poor management and have the same result as having poor product.
Leadership requires hard decisions that sometimes are personally heavy and uncomfortable.  … Read More »

Leadership Questions

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 I am not sure what the balance should be in a leaders mind between optimism & reality.  How do you balance those two neccessities of life.  If all you are is optimistic, you may step in a hole because you never really look at the obstacles in front of you.  If your whole world is defined by only the present challenges that afront you, you can never get the gumption and momentum to move into a future that is just beyond your grasp and reach.  I am meeting with two guys today that I really respect and I can’t wait to get their feedback on this idea.  I know that if I am going to be a leader that I have a lot of growing to do – I love growing!

Beasely's Big Jump Shot

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If you are a K-State fan or a sports fan at all, you surely know the name Michael Beasley. What an achievement to move from your freshman year in college straight to the NBA draft with the expectation that you will be the No. 1 pick!

I can’t imagine in a two year time period going from a pimply faced High Schooler to a NBA Pro where everyone knows your name (now I know that Michael has probably been in the lime light for a while, but this is different, the NBA comes with $$). What a phenomenal metamorphosis he is about to experience. All of his training up to this point has been for this moment in history.  All of his past has been about this time in the future!

In a different spectrum of life I feel like I am … Read More »

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