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checkepic: My fingers hurt from playing guitar, but it was fun worshiping in Connection Groups tonight!

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My fingers hurt from playing guitar, but it was fun worshiping in Connection Groups tonight!

checkepic: Ready for sleep tonight, it's been both a fun day and exhausting! Pete Pipes loved playing in the snow! What a blast!

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Ready for sleep tonight, it’s been both a fun day and exhausting! Pete Pipes loved playing in the snow! What a blast!

A Few Follow Up Tips From Sunday

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Yesterday we talked about how to get right side up with our finances. I laid out a simple strategy of Deciding to do away with debt, Starting to specifically set aside savings, and to Purposefully plan.
I have a few side notes that I want to leave with you – just a couple of tips.

1. When you begin to pay off credit cards or loans you will pay them off much faster if you begin with smaller ones and focus your excess income on paying just one credit card or loan off first. Jenni and I did this and as we would pay one off, we would transfer the money we were already used to paying on that credit card to the next – it was like a snowball effect.

2. Get rid of services you don’t need. … Read More »

Garage Sale Fun

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Jenni and I are having a garage sale today and tomorrow (if you need any little boy clothes from newborn to 4T – don’t look anywhere else). Anyway, it makes me think of all the stuff in my life that is just junking it up and how badly I need a good spring (or fall) cleaning. Pastors have just as many issues as normal people, we are just good at hiding them! Hah. My hope is to not hide but to expose and to clean house. I want to know Christ better than I do, I want to get rid of my anger and hurtful attitudes. I want to really follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

PS – if you want to stop by and see Jenni and I we would love to have some visitors, here’s the … Read More »

Tailgate Party

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Yesterday after church we had a tailgate party and it was an absolute blast! I love the people at Epic! Man, it’s so fun getting to watch God bring all the right people on board to make a difference in this city!!!

I heard a funny Yoke…

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Ever heard the bible talk about a “Yoke”? This is one way a Yoke is designed. The idea is that two animals (oxen, horse, donkey) would be interlocked side by side in order to perform a task together. The beauty of the design is that both animals work together and in unison. No one is doing all the work by themselves.
When the bible refers to a “Yoke” this is what it refers to.
A “Yoke of oxen” refers to two oxen and an acre was originally the amount of land that a “Yoke of oxen” could plow in a day…

Great Day

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Today I attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit and am getting some really good insight.
This evening we had our first training session for our volunteers and it went great! I can’t tell you how excited I am about the people God has brought on board to serve at Epic!
To top off the day I just spent time with Jenni reading Peter a story out of the bible and praying with him. He’s so funny and getting a great personality. I’m not sure if parenting is supposed to be like this, but I just wanted to keep him up way past his bed time and play with him, I don’t want to miss a minute of him!
(personal mushy gushy note to wife below, don’t read if you get squeamish from those kinds of things.)
Love you Jenni! You’re … Read More »

Andover Kansas Library – Nothing but the best!

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We have been so lucky to get to partner with the Andover Library in doing our Summer Fun Day Events! Every week on Tuesday’s and now Thursday’s from 11am-Noon we are setting our moon bounce up out front of the Library and giving out free Popsicles! It’s been fun seeing all the kids come out and have a blast, and getting a chance to meet some of the parents! Andover has such great people!
See you at the Library!

Why you should use extreme caution when playing with your Wii

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We had Jenni’s little sister and her friend over to spend the night and to help us do some stuff for Epic. They have been great. We set them up on the Wii to let them play and have fun and I forgot to tell them to use the wrist straps. The picture above is what happens when you forget to tell them. It’s a little dark, but you get the picture.

On the brighter side, Jenni and I now have one dang cool piece of art… Ahh… Maybe we can sell it and buy a new TV…

Andover Library Reading Party

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Epic Church volunteered to bring our moon bounce to the Library to help them celebrate the end of their Summer Reading program. We had a ton of fun playing with the kids and meeting all the parents. We are going to be at the Andover Library all summer long on Tuesdays starting July 7th from 11am-Noon with free pop ice.

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