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God Stuff

Posted on March 21st, by epic in Epic Church. No Comments

On our trip to Wichita last week we had two cool things happen.

The first:
Friday night I received an email from a pastor in California named Rusty George.  Rusty has heard that we are planting a church in Andover and is really excited about it.  He grew up in Andover knows the need from all the growth in that area.  Rusty has offered to help us in whatever way he can!  I’m excited to see how this relationship with Rusty might grow into something really cool!

The second:
Saturday morning my parents came down to visit Jenni, Peter and me.  We had a really good time together and it was good to see them.  We went to Ihop to eat before going to Greater Andover Days.  Our waitress was really nice.  We started talking with her about kids and how great they are.  … Read More »

The Great Depression Part 2?

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It seems like I know more and more people who are asking the question, “how much worse can it get?” I personally don’t know, and am not really qualified to even comment on our current economic status. I do know that my wife and I have felt the pinch just like a lot of our friends are feeling it. One of my chief concerns in times like these is that the church does not over spiritualize circumstances, but that we would neither downplay the significance of being spiritual and only focus on the physical needs. This is a crucial moment in our history. We will forge a future, the question is, will it be one that it is forged on fear or on hope?
I say we have a hope that is greater than the … Read More »

Rock Band

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So, I think Jenni and I have joined a band…
Hah, actually, last night we went over to some new friends house and played the game Rock Band. I had never played it before, but I thought it was a blast. I am, honestly, probably one of the best drummers you have ever met. It was really fun to just hang out and rock out all at the same time! I’m guessing that Lee and Jill will find Kent and Jenni knocking on their door in the future, needing another dose of Rock!

Off to Work

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Today has been my first official day to work at Epic! I’m heading off to the Library in Andover – I think I’m going to “office” out of there. I have a ton of stuff to do, write grant proposals, work on our informational meeting for January 11th, get out our newsletter, and more!
Keep praying for Epic, Jenni and I met with a family last night and it was awesome! I think Aja & Todd are going to be some fun friends and a huge asset to Epic!

The Apartment Fairy!

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Yesterday, Jenni and I were visited by the apartment fairy. She brought us all kinds of great stuff! Including a small grill, pillows and a whiteboard. She also gave us produce and a really nice picture. It was awesome to be greeted with such friendliness! Thanks Aja! I’m excited to meet the rest of your family!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on November 27th, by epic in Family, Uncategorized. No Comments

Happy Thanksgiving to one and to all!

Here are just a few things I’m thankful for this year:

God’s immense love – no joke, I know it sounds corny, but lately I have thought a lot about where I would be if God had not brought me into a relationship with Him.
Jenni – I am not that great of a husband and she is so loving, forgiving and able to push me just right.
Peter – baby smiles, need I say more.
Our friends and family.
Those folks who are supporting Epic Church through prayer and finances.  Jenni and I have been taking stock of just how many people are making this thing happen.  It’s incredible!
My Grandma for letting Jenni and I live with her for the past 6 months or so.
Pecan pie!
Bible Christian Church – for being so faithful and allowing us to … Read More »

The Fundraising Struggle

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It is not an easy thing to raise money.  Hah, I know this revelation probably finds you with your mouth wide open and scratching your head, but it’s true.  Raising money is a hard thing to do, especially when the only thing you have to offer is a vision of what the future will look like.  At the end of the day, what people are investing in is you, not the idea.  Sure, they love the idea – or else they wouldn’t even consider it – but at the end of the day you are the one who has to execute the vision.

I have been blessed by so many friends, family and organizations who have placed their trust in Jenni and I and our ability to follow God as He unfolds His work in Andover.  I realize that the … Read More »

Well, that knocked my socks off…

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I just got back from a lunch with a good friend at BCC.  I was telling him how the funding that we had been hoping to get had fallen through, see this post, and how bummed out I was.

He started to tell me how his kids had decided, after my last sermon, that they wanted to support Epic Church.  I was blown away.  To have kids dig deep and give to the Kingdom like that is truly one of those awe inspiring things – and entirely humbling.  He then proceeds to tell me that he and his wife have been talking too.  They had just yesterday, found out about a sum of money that they had attained from an investment – a rather significant amount of money.  They decided to give it to Epic in a lump sum.  I just … Read More »


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Jenni and I got to spend the weekend with a bunch of teenagers from Bible Christian Church.  It was our last youth group trip as the youth ministers here.  The whole trip was tinged with sadness for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about our church plant – I am confident that we have been called, but I am sad to leave these teens.  They are all good friends of mine and I can’t wait to see the great things God is going to do in their lives!

We got to see our friends Dennis and Tonda on this trip, they let us stay with them and it was such a great time!  Plus, they have an amazing house!

My only regrets from the trip are that the bowling ball didn’t break more when we dropped it from the spill way … Read More »

Do the Twitter Bug

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So, does anyone else “Twitter“?  It’s a quick way to update people on your life and what you are doing.  I just started, not sure if I will like it or not.  I suppose that will be determined by my friends and whether they get on board.

Jump in and start tweeting!

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