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God Stuff

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On our trip to Wichita last week we had two cool things happen.

The first:
Friday night I received an email from a pastor in California named Rusty George.  Rusty has heard that we are planting a church in Andover and is really excited about it.  He grew up in Andover knows the need from all the growth in that area.  Rusty has offered to help us in whatever way he can!  I’m excited to see how this relationship with Rusty might grow into something really cool!

The second:
Saturday morning my parents came down to visit Jenni, Peter and me.  We had a really good time together and it was good to see them.  We went to Ihop to eat before going to Greater Andover Days.  Our waitress was really nice.  We started talking with her about kids and how great they are.  … Read More »


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Today I had lunch with Pastor Mark Hoover from New Spring on the east side of Wichita. I was really impressed with Marks humility and sense of call and direction to reach people who are disconnected from God! It is so good to be surrounded by churches who get it! I can’t wait to see how God forms a bond between New Spring and Epic! In case you didn’t know, we’re on the same team!

Busy Bee

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Lately I have been busy, I mean really busy. I have had more on my plate than I even care to articulate. It hasn’t been bad, I enjoy having a lot to do. What I have found though, is that the tyranny of the urgent can cause you to loose site of the fundamentals. For me and my position, the fundamentals are taking time to be with people, building relationships, sending people notes, and so much more. It’s hard to make room for those relationship building mechanisms when your whole life is consumed with planning missions trips, planning events, marketing, nailing down a final location, etc., etc.
I believe this is where determined leadership comes in. I can’t forget that I am called to reach people, not to plan events. I am called to … Read More »

Entitled: John 3:16, or Am I really that Crazy

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I have been thinking about growing older and John 3:16.

I know, it’s hard to see how those two things connect.  Let me explain.

When I was younger, a teenager, and had just come to know Jesus – I really believed that God loved the whole world and sent His Son to die for everyone – that whoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life – phew!

As I have aged, I have found myself starting to believe that there is only a percentage of people who will really believe this and so it’s only possible for most or some people to come to know Jesus (this is one of those things you would never say out loud, but most people really think it).  I know that verse doesn’t say that everyone will come to know Jesus – but it … Read More »


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I just heard Ed Stetzer on the Planting Channel talking about some statistics about the North American Church.  One of the things he said was that North America is the only continent where the Gospel is losing ground rather than advancing.   He said most church growth has been transfer growth.  We have to be planting churches that are reaching people who don’t know Jesus and are disconnected from God…

Epic Connect – Connect with People – Part 3

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So, the question is, “How do you connect through Epic Church?”

There are several ways you can connect with people at Epic Church.  Initially you can join us on our Launch Team.  Once Jenni and I move to Andover we will be meeting weekly with a group of committed families and individuals to talk about how we can reach people who are disconnected from God in Andover and Wichita.

The second way you can connect with people at Epic is to join in on service projects.  We plan on serving the community in a ton of creative and God honoring ways that elevate the position of the family (for example, handing out free roses on a street corner for husbands to take home to their wives!).

The third is to be involved in an small group.  Once Epic launches in September our next … Read More »

You've Gotta Friend in Me – Connect with People – Part 2

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Hebrews 10:24

Just like you need other people in your life to help you grow and connect with God, other people need you.

You have a wealth of wisdom and life experience that is the key to unlocking an issue or problem in another person’s life.  You have a distinct gift that God has given you in order to encourage another person in their faith.  Connecting with other people is really less about you and me and really more about other people, how we can help them grow, how we can add value to their life!

We believe and know that God honors that kind of commitment to people – really, when we give ourselves in such a manner, we are living out the example of Jesus in our own lives!

So, what can I do for you?

Why Can't We Be Friends – Connect with People – Part 1

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Ecclesiastes 4:12

If Humans are anything, we are social.

We are in desperate need of other people.  We long to know and be known, we long to normalize our experience in the experiences of others.  And in a society that has become increasingly segmented and withdrawn we create ways to socially network with other people through the Internet using mediums like blogs, facebook, myspace, twitter and others.  We are drawn to one another because we need each other.

At Epic, we believe that the second most important thing you can do is to connect to other people (second only to connecting to God).  Connect your families, connect your hurt, your successes, connect your strength and your weaknesses.  This life is too overwhelming at times to fight through it on your own and at the same time this life is too wonderful to not … Read More »


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So next week Jenni and I are meeting some folks from Andover who have been looking for a church and haven’t really found a home!  We are really looking forward to meeting them.  I love how God connects people.  Honestly, I feel like every time we take a step of faith, we find that God has already been there.  I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise, He’s God after all…

Parents Are The Real Deal! – Epic Familosophy 3

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We want to make it abundantly clear that as a church we are here to serve you and your family.  It’s our ambition to bolster the work you as parents are doing to spiritually develop your children.  We want to give you both the resources and the confidence to raise your children in a way they will grow to know God and be connected intimately with Him.  We know it’s your job to direct your child’s well being and we know you can do it!  We just want to help in whatever way we can.  Parents are the real deal and we are just here to help!

So let’s get to it!

I can’t wait to get Epic Church started and start helping out the families of Andover!

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