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A few Pic's from my wedding with my dad…

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My dad hanging out playing cards before my wedding.  I know he hurt so bad for me when I was single and prayed from the time that I was a little boy for my wife.  He loved Jenni so much, I know I’ve said it, but he always would stick up for her and do special little things for her.  After he found out that Jenni’s grandma, who had passed away, would always buy her Roberts chocolate milk every time she went to Nebraska, he started making sure that Jenni always had a steady stream of the stuff on hand.  He would even bring it with him sometimes when he would come to Andover…  I hope I will be as great of a man as he was, because he had great nailed in all the places it mattered – Family & God!

Kent If you wear 2x or 3x, I have a ton of clothes we are selling cheap at our garage sale! Plus big shorts n jeans. 802 W Slate, Andover…

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If you wear 2x or 3x, I have a ton of clothes we are selling cheap at our garage sale! Plus big shorts n jeans. 802 W Slate, Andover…

God Stuff

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On our trip to Wichita last week we had two cool things happen.

The first:
Friday night I received an email from a pastor in California named Rusty George.  Rusty has heard that we are planting a church in Andover and is really excited about it.  He grew up in Andover knows the need from all the growth in that area.  Rusty has offered to help us in whatever way he can!  I’m excited to see how this relationship with Rusty might grow into something really cool!

The second:
Saturday morning my parents came down to visit Jenni, Peter and me.  We had a really good time together and it was good to see them.  We went to Ihop to eat before going to Greater Andover Days.  Our waitress was really nice.  We started talking with her about kids and how great they are.  … Read More »

Garage Sale Fun

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Jenni and I are having a garage sale today and tomorrow (if you need any little boy clothes from newborn to 4T – don’t look anywhere else). Anyway, it makes me think of all the stuff in my life that is just junking it up and how badly I need a good spring (or fall) cleaning. Pastors have just as many issues as normal people, we are just good at hiding them! Hah. My hope is to not hide but to expose and to clean house. I want to know Christ better than I do, I want to get rid of my anger and hurtful attitudes. I want to really follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

PS – if you want to stop by and see Jenni and I we would love to have some visitors, here’s the … Read More »

If Only it Were a Little Colder

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It’s just kind of sprinkling here in old Andover and all I can think is how badly I wish it were cold enough to turn to snow! Jenni, Peter and I had a good day today hanging out with each other. I really love Jenni a ton!

Andover Kansas Library – Nothing but the best!

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We have been so lucky to get to partner with the Andover Library in doing our Summer Fun Day Events! Every week on Tuesday’s and now Thursday’s from 11am-Noon we are setting our moon bounce up out front of the Library and giving out free Popsicles! It’s been fun seeing all the kids come out and have a blast, and getting a chance to meet some of the parents! Andover has such great people!
See you at the Library!

What a Morning

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This morning I had a meeting via the phone at 8am. Then I had to rush over to the library to drop off our moon bounce for our event at 11am. I then ran over to Central Christian Church (while lugging our trailer around) to meet with some of the leadership there about the possibility of a partnership (which they are ready to go forward with – this is great news). I hen rushed out of that meeting back to the Andover library just in time to see the first kid jump in our moon bounce. After we wrapped up there I ran out to a lunch meeting and am now finally at home. Ahhh… Busy, busy. Any one want to mow my lawn… That will just have to wait.
The library event … Read More »

Andover YMCA – Summer Countdowns

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Don’t miss Epic Churches Summer Countdown events.  We will be giving away movie tickets at every event along with other great prizes for different contest!  These events are on Sunday Evenings from 5:30pm-6:30pm, we’ll have snacks and drinks and plenty of fun!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Andover Library Reading Party

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Epic Church volunteered to bring our moon bounce to the Library to help them celebrate the end of their Summer Reading program. We had a ton of fun playing with the kids and meeting all the parents. We are going to be at the Andover Library all summer long on Tuesdays starting July 7th from 11am-Noon with free pop ice.

Dad Fest O9' or Hot Dogs on a Rainy Day!

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Dad Fest 09 (our Father’s Day Event at Stooges in Andover)
-It was only raining as hard as I’ve ever seen it rain in my entire life, but we still had about 30 people show up and we had a blast watching the kids play in the rain!

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