*Connecting People to God & each other, 1 Person @ a Time!

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Join .US

Have you been looking for a church to be a part of?  Do you want to make a difference, not just sit in a seat?  Then maybe you need to consider joining Epic Church and helping us connect people to God, 1 person @ a time!

We focus on 3 things as a church: we engage our community with outreach > provide engaging weekend celebration services > and get connected in small groups called, Connection Groups.  We are a church of motivated people who care about others, if you are too, then you should join our teams!

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Get directions to Epic Church in Wichita.  Our Church meet at 11010 E. Kellogg Dr., Wichita, Kansas 67207 (in Morningstar Church) at 10:00am, Sunday Mornings.  Be sure to check our Calendar to find out what else is going on!

Watch Before You Come

Watching one of our video's is super easy, simply click on the image above the text to watch! Check out our latest message and catch the vision for a church in Wichita, KS that connects people to God, 1 person @ a time!

Hangry (7/16/17) SERIES: Unstuck

Not eating can have a funny affect on people. Some people get irritable, depressed or easily frustrated. The same thing happens to our spirit...

Time (6/11/17) SERIES: Neighborly

We live next door to people Jesus wants us to love, but we don’t really know them. It’s not that we don’t care about...

Our Past (5/14/17) SERIES: Overcome

Joseph had finally developed the character & humility God wanted in him so he could be used to rescue & rule Egypt. There was...