#6: Church is not FOR us, we are the church and we exist for the world!

The other day, I picked up this can of apple juice my wife had sitting on the counter, cracked it open and poured it over some ice. I was ready to sit back and relax, I took one drink of that apple juice and just about jumped out of my seat. It was the worst, sourest tasting thing I have ever drank. I did what every guy does, I kept drinking – I figured that I had opened it, and it was my job to finish it. Finally about half way through my drink, my wonderful wife yelled downstairs and asked me if I had done something with the apple juice concentrate from the can that was sitting on the counter… Oh man, the whole time, I thought I was drinking juice and it was really something much stronger.

It sometimes boggles me how people want to water down the idea of the church into being a building or a worship experience. They will talk about how church isn’t for seekers, or “I want to be fed when I’m at church”. What a watered down, waste of something that Jesus intended to be much stronger. Don’t hear me say that something I’m not. We love the worship expereince, and we love to go deep in our faith (although our definition of that may be different than yours – we think it means living out what you know, not just knowing a lot of cool stuff). All of that is great, but for us, the church is the called out people of God, and we are convinced that we exist for the world. I believe Paul said that we were “ambassador’s for Christ” in 2 Corinthians 5.

We are the called out people of God and we exist for the world – that means those who are Epic understand that we are not consumers of Christianity – we don’t “church shop” we are Kingdom Contributors, we actually have a part in God’s mission in the world and we take it seriously….

Connecting people to God, 1 person @ a time!