#5: We stick our neck out for others, not because it makes sense, but because we know LOVE!

At Epic Church we are very aware that there are times when you have to stick your neck out for others and it just doesn’t make “good sense”. It’s not cost effective, it takes too much time, it’s too great of an investment, it’s not fair because you can’t do it for everyone in the same situation. These are all great excuses, but we are not the kind of people who are going to let excuses get in the way of caring for other people. Honestly, when you think about it, what Jesus did for us on the cross doesn’t make sense from His perspective. He doesn’t get anything out of it except a whole lot of pain and anguish. He died for you and I, not because it made sense, but because of His love. You weren’t good enough, you weren’t “worth it”, you weren’t even looking for it – but He did it, because He loved you. And because we have experienced that same love, we stick our necks out for others too! That’s Epic!