#4: We believe that how you end matters more than how you began!

Each week we have been uncovering bits and pieces of what makes Epic tick, what are core DNA is. I believe this one is so foundational to the way we think, that it’s hard to ever imagine that we will ever think differently. But just in case, let me make sure and clarify that we don’t and never will care about where you come from, how much money you have made, what bad things you have done, or how you’ve messed up. While we can’t remove the consequences of our pasts, we can determine our future and that’s what we are after at Epic! Transformed lives. None of us walk through the doors of a church and magically have it all together, we all struggle, we are get down, we all mess up – that’s why we aren’t so interested in rehashing your past as we are with helping you find a future in Christ! That’s what connecting people to God, 1 person @ a time is all about!

This particular piece of our DNA didn’t really surface for me until I lost my father tragically and suddenly. Literally, I was talking to him one morning and that evening he had passed away. My life was broken, my heart was broke, I was broken. Being a pastor, I had felt like I couldn’t leave his funeral to someone else, so I did it. I sat at a computer and sweated and cried over the words that I would put on paper to try and encapsulate my dad. I’m tearing up thinking about him right now…

As I sat there, it occurred to me that most people would only think of how good my dad was – and he was a great man. But early on in his life, that had not been the case. He struggled, had fears, messed up, etc. Probably ran the whole gamut. But none of that mattered, because somewhere along the way, my dad fell in love with Jesus. Not just being a Christian, but He became a Christ follower. The way he spent his time changed, the way he spent his money changed, the way he used his talents changed. I shared that day this thought with all my family and friends, that how you end matters more than how you began. Don’t miss this opportunity to find new, changed, better life! It doesn’t come through you being better, it comes through a relationship with Jesus!

I love that you can’t ever be so bad that Jesus can’t forgive you! Maybe for you today, that hits home, maybe you had no idea why you were even reading this blog on a churches website. But I will say to you what I said to those loved ones at the funeral, “if some of you find the life that’s in Jesus today, it makes losing my dad ‘ok’, see, I will see him again someday, but it would mean the world if in his last moment of life that you found life.” If you want to find that life, all you have to do is talk to God. Invite Him to be the Lord or leader of your life, confess that you have messed up in this life and that you need the salvation and life in Jesus.

If you made that decision today, that’s amazing! We want to party with you, please contact us and let us know, we would love to walk with you through the next steps of following Christ! We want to see you end well, even if you had a lousy start!