Well, it’s that time again, drum roll please….

#3: We’ll do whatever it takes, short of sin, to see people know Jesus!  Have you ever lost a child in a store?  I mean, have them be gone from you to the point of panic?  You are looking around, asking people if they’ve seen them? Grabbing strangers arms to interrogate them, asking store clerks and having announcements made?  That is probably one of the scariest things a parent can go through.  In that moment you will do anything to find that child.  That’s how we feel about people who are disconnected from God, we are willing to drop whatever, try whatever, go wherever to try and see them get connected to God through Jesus.  We really believe they are His children and they are lost.  We really believe that if we don’t try and reach them that it’s possible no one will.  Our hearts break for those around us who live without the hope of knowing Jesus and the power for life that is found in Him.  And we are crazy enough to believe that God has entrusted us with this HUGE mission of connecting people to Him 1 person @ a time!

We are passionate about this, can you tell?