I’m not going to take a long time to discuss sin, but I do think it’s important that we get a correct perspective on it.  First of all, sin is usually fun – come on, you know you’ve wanted to say that for a long time, but were afraid the religious might be listening in.  Sin, is usually fun at first.  It’s fun because we are fulfilling our selfish desires and I like to like “me”.  I actually think a lot of people view God as a this huge “killjoy” in the sky, whose main pledge in life is not let anyone have any fun.  “No drugs, no sex, no drinking…”  That’s the line they believe God is toting, and the whole reason behind it, is because He wants to keep us from having any fun in life.

The problem is, this is not who God is at all, He came to give life, not take it away (John 10:10).  If this is true, then why is He so down on the things that make us feel good?  Come on, you can already see there is a problem with this analysis of what most people who are Christ followers would call sin.  It’s too simplistic…  It ignores the reality of the “whole” for one little part of the equation.  Yup, sin is fun.  But sin is also destructive.  Because sin, at it’s root, is allowing selfish desires to rule over your nature you are ultimately destroying the bonds of some relationship somewhere – you are going against the one thing God desires and cares for – Love.

Love brings life.  Love things of others.  Love sacrifices self.  Love produces peace.

Sin has an entirely different crop that it reaps.  Addiction, anger, broken relationships, hurt, pain, etc.  I am amazed when I talk to people who have dived so deeply into their sin because it’s “fun” and when they finally look around at how broken they are, they can’t own up to the fact that they have chosen these consequences in their life.  God is not against your sin because He doesn’t want you to have fun, He’s against it because He loves you and wants to spare you of the consequences.

This is why the Gospel is SOOO powerful – Jesus died to take our place and to redeem us from the effects of sin.  This is powerful – He came to take the brokenness sin produced and to give us the rightness of God.  To give us life.